Logan Paul vs Mayweather Live Stream
Logan Paul vs Mayweather Live Stream

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live

The wait is over. Floyd Mayweather is coming back in the ring again. After 2018, it will be his first fight. So, for those who are waiting for this legend, the wait is over. Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers ever. After almost two and a half years later he is back again in a super exhibition match.  Mayweather vs Logan Paul at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on June 6, the fight will be held.

Event: Mayweather vs Paul Fight

Date:  June 6

Time: 9:00 p.m. ET

Location: Hard Rock Stadium in Miami

Live Broadcast: Watch Here

This time he will fight against social media and YouTube personality Logan Paul. He is not an experienced boxer. He just fought two matches in his career. On the other side, Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest fighters of all time. Mayweather never loses a match in his career. The fight will be a super exhibition match. It will be a Pay Per View (PPV) match. You need to pay to watch this match. Mayweather Promotions will be promoted to this match. You can buy tickets from the fanmio official site for PPV view. It is a big event. So it will cost higher to watch this fight. The fight date is June 6, 2021. So, get ready your-self to watch this fight. We are here to help you with how to watch this fight. We will also tell you something about these two players.

Floyd Mayweather:

Floyd Joy Mayweather JR. is former an American professional boxer and boxing promoter. He is born on February 24th, 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the U.S. He fought in professional boxing in the year 1996 to 2017. In his boxing career, he won 50 fights and never lost a match. He won 50 major titles in his boxing career. He retired in 2017 as undefeated. That’s record makes him one of the greatest fighters ever.

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Mayweather’s amateur boxing career was also very impressive. He had an amateur record of 84–8. In 1993 he won national Golden Gloves championships. In 1994, and 1996 he also won Golden Gloves championships. He learned the defensive technique from his father and uncle. His defensive skill was best. He was nicknamed “Pretty Boy” by his amateur teammates. In his orthodox defensive stance, Mayweather often utilizes the shoulder roll, an old-school boxing technique in which the right hand is held normally or slightly higher than normal, the left hand is down around the midsection and the lead shoulder is raised high on the cheek to cover the chin and block punches. The right hand as in the orthodox stance is used as it normally would be: to block punches coming from the other side, such as left hooks. From this stance Mayweather blocks, slips and deflects most of his opponents’ punches (even when cornered) by twisting left and right to the rhythm of their punches.
In the 1996 Olympics games, he participates for his country. He won the bronze medal in the featherweight division.
His first professional boxing career match was against Roberto Apodaca. On October 11th, 1996 he played his first professional boxing match. He won the match and the rest is history.
He won his first professional boxing title in 1998, two years later after entering professional boxing. Genaro Hernadez was his opponent in his first professional boxing title match.
On April 20th, 2002, he played his first lightweight match. His first lightweight match was against José Luis Castillo. Castillo was one of the greatest lightweight boxer ever. Mayweather won against him.
On December 7th, 2002, Floyd Mayweather agreed to play a rematch against José Luis Castillo. The smaller Mayweather was again outweighed by Castillo on the night of the fight. Castillo weighed 147 lbs, to Mayweather’s 138. In the rematch, Mayweather used his footwork, combinations, and jab to earn another unanimous decision. There were no knockdowns or notable exchanges in the fight; the judgment was close, with Mayweather winning 115–113 on two scorecards and 116–113 on a third. The Associated Press had Mayweather winning 116–112. HBO unofficial scorer Harold Lederman and fellow analyst Larry Merchant both scored it 115–113 for Mayweather.
In 2017, he played his last and 50th, professional title match against Conor McGregor. He returned into the ring to reach to make his 50 undefeated records.
As before, Floyd Mayweather won that match and retired from boxing.
Now he plays only exhibition matches.
Floyd Mayweather played his first exhibition match against Tensin Nasukawa in Japan. The fight was held on December 31st, 2018. Nasukawa has not got any chances to win this fight.
On December 6th, 2020, it was announced that Mayweather will face YouTube personality Logan Paul in an exhibition bout on February 20, 2021.

Logan Paul:

Logan Alexander Paul is an American YouTuber, social media personality, actor, and boxer. He is born in Westlake, Ohio, in the U.S.
He is the brother of a professional boxer also Youtube Star, Jack Paul.
He is mainly a YouTuber. He started boxing in 2018 against his fellow YouTuber KSI. It was the biggest amateur boxing match in history.
The fight took place on 25 August 2018 at the Manchester Arena, Manchester, England, and was streamed on YouTube’s pay-per-view platform. The result was in a majority draw, with two judges scoring it 57–57 and the other 58–57 in favor of KSI.
After the first fight was a draw, KSI requested a rematch. The fight took place at Staples Center, Los Angeles, the USA on November 9, 2019. KSI won the match by 56-54.
He will face against the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather on February 20th, 2021.
So, we can tell this there is no chance to win for Logan Paul.

Logan Paul vs Mayweather Fight Date?

The fight between Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul will happen on June 6, 2021. The fight date was confirmed by Floyd Mayweather on December 6th, 2020 in his Instagram post. It will be a PPV fight. So, you need to watch this fight on the official broadcasting channel.

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Where Logan Paul vs Mayweather fight Will Take Place:

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul exhibition will take place on June 6 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. It has 65,326 capacity. It will be a big exhibition boxing match.

Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Pricing of the PPV:

Every Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fans are waiting desperately for this event. Floyd Mayweather fans are waiting for their legend back in rings. It will be a very exciting event for them. Logan Paul fans are also excited to watch this fight. One side is the legend, Floyd Mayweather and the other side is almost amateur, YouTube personality, Logan Paul. Fans said, there is no chance for Logan Paul to winning this match. But fans are excited about this event. The price will be costly for this event as we expected. If you buy the ticket before 1 million sold, it will cost you $24.99. If you buy an early prising ticket then you will get Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul special exhibition PPV and 20 winners will get Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul video meet and greet. If you buy PPV general Ticket for $54.99, you can get a limited and exclusive T-Shirt + video and greet with a special exhibition PPV. After 1 million tickets are sold, it will cost you $39.99. So buy the ticket as early as you can. After December 29th, 2020, the PPV ticket will cost you $59.99. This price will end before February 11th. It will cost you $69.99 after February 11th. So grab your ticket as early as you can.

Watch Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul Live Stream

Some cable networks channel also stream this fight on their channel by their Satellite network or their cable network. You can watch Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight without a cable connection. With advanced technology, there is no way to watch the live stream without a satellite dish and cable connection. If you have a strong internet connection, you can easily access live streams in your home or your mobile device.

Sling TV:

With Sling TV you can watch this fight live. With Sling TV you can customize your TV channels and display what you want to watch. With live coverage of the match for only $ 25 / month. After a subscription on Sling TV, you can watch the full fight live. It also works with Amazon Fire Stick, Internet TV, Apple, and Android devices. So it will be the best option to watch this fight.

DirectTV Now:

DirectTV Now will live broadcast the fight. It is another most popular channel in the world. You can watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight on DirecTV now also. You can subscribe to DirectTV Now for just a $35 subscription per month. They will cover Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s fights full live on match day. You also can watch movies, TV series.

YouTube TV:

Youtube TV is the easiest way to watch the fight between Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul through the YouTube channel. It is one of the most popular video-watching and song listening channels one the world. Lots of people using this for the great things it offers. If you subscribe to their YouTube channel YouTube you can watch this match without any interruption.

Logan Paul vs Mayweather Live UK COVERAGE:

If you live in the UK, then you can watch this fight on showtime boxing, Fanmio PPV. They will cover a full fight in the UK.

Logan Paul vs Mayweather US COVERAGE:

People from all around the world want to watch this fight. If you live in the US, then you can watch this fight on Showtime, Fanmio PPV.

Logan Paul vs Mayweather Live CANADA COVERAGE:

People who live in Canada can watch this fight on DAZN, Fox Sports 1, and Fanmio PPV.

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Logan Paul vs Mayweather JAPAN COVERAGE:

People who live in Japan can watch this fight on DAZN and Fanmio PPV.

Logan Paul Mayweather AUSTRALIA COVERAGE:

Australia living people can also watch this fight on Showtime and Fanmio PPV.

Watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live On Social Media:

You can watch the fight on social media without paying for it. There are many different options to watch that free on the internet. You can watch that fight on social media. Thousand of people would rely on the channel to watch the fight on social media.

Twitter is a user-friendly social media site. You can watch the fight on a Twitter channel also. Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. Many people around the world can rely on Twitter to watch the fight live. You can watch Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul match live and free on Twitter.

Reddit. It is made for the user. Reddit is one of the most popular sites in the world. It is an influential social networking site also. There are plenty of communities to discuss a variety of sports-related topics on Reddit. You can discuss this with another sports fan through the comments section and post sections of this community. They are very helpful to each other.
You may find out several live stream links on Reddit. You can watch Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul live from there.

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Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world. Millions of people use Facebook. So, many uses will stream the match live. It is one of the best options to watch this fight. It is also another wonderful channel for the people who want to watch the fight live. You can watch the match live without a subscription. Facebook is easy to use. You just need an account on Facebook. The fight will be broadcasted on Facebook by many of its users. This will be free and you can watch it without any interruption. So If you do not have the money to spend on cable networks you can rely on this channel to watch that fight live.

Last Word:
This fight is a big event. Every boxing fan will try to watch this fight. We are here to help you with everything you want to know. So, stay with us.

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